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Deathloop How to Identify Aleksis (Enact the Plan)

Deathloop: How to Identify Aleksis (Enact the Plan)

Deathloop players that are trying to figure out how to identify Aleksis can find details on two different methods in this guide.

You Are Reading :Deathloop How to Identify Aleksis (Enact the Plan)

Deathloop How to Identify Aleksis (Enact the Plan)

Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey is one of the Visionaries in Deathloop, and indeed players will ultimately need to dispatch him. The only problem is that Aleksis’s identity is concealed the first time that fans encounter him, as he is attending a masked party at Dorsey Manor. Players will thus need to do a bit of work to identify Aleksis in Deathloop before they can kill him, and this guide details two methods that can be employed.

Before getting into how players can go about identifying Aleksis, it is worth mentioning that the Shift ability makes the process significantly easier. For the uninitiated, Shift gives Deathloop’s protagonist the ability to teleport over short distances, and it is obtained from Charlie. It is thus recommended that players target that Visionary before going after Aleksis, as navigating Dorsey Manor without the ability can be quite difficult.

Deathloop: How to Identify Aleksis (Method #1)

The first way to identify Aleksis in Deathloop centers around navigating to the Manor’s cellar and cutting off the party’s supply of beer. To reach the cellar, players should position themselves so that they are facing “The Wolf’s Den” outside, turn to the left to pass by two trucks, and Shift across the gap to reach a small path against the exterior wall. Fans should then follow this path through a small storage alcove and go into the first door that they encounter to enter a private bar.

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From this position, Deathloop players should immediately pass through the door on their right and drop down the staircase that they find on the other side. Fans will then need to disable a number of Lasermines and regular Mines, keeping an eye out for a Crank-Wheel that is on their left side. Turning that wheel will stop the flow of beer to the party, and players should simply wait until Aleksis is marked after that has been done.

Deathloop: How to Identify Aleksis (Method #2)

The other option for identifying Aleksis starts with a trip to the bathroom in the Manor’s apartment. This room can be reached by navigating to the right of the Manor’s entrance and using the Shift ability in Deathloop to reach an open window that is nearby. From there, players should continue forward, Shift onto the tall white sculptures to reach a rooftop, and enter the window that leads directly into the bathroom.

Fans should now look for the multi-color Controller that is tucked into a corner of the bathroom and record what they see. Players must then make their way to the room with the stereo, which overlooks the party, and adjust the Controller that is found there so that it matches the one in the apartment. This action will cause Aleksis to come and dance, and again he will be marked for players eventually.

Deathloop is now available on PC and PS5.

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