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MLB The Show 21 How to Slide Dive and Jump

MLB The Show 21: How to Slide, Dive, and Jump

MLB The Show 21 players that want to take their games to the next level can learn how to slide, dive, and jump in this guide.

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MLB The Show 21 How to Slide Dive and Jump

While moving a ballplayer in MLB The Show 21 is a fairly straightforward thing to do, there are some special actions that fans may be unaware of. More specifically, it is possible to slide when running the bases and also dive and jump when fielding. For those players that would like more information on these movement options in MLB The Show 21, that is precisely what can be found in this guide.

MLB The Show 21: How to Slide

To get right to it, baseball simulation game fans that are looking to slide in MLB The Show 21 should simply hold down L1/LB as they draw near to a base and tilt the right analogue stick either up or down. For full clarity, an upward tilt will cause the runner to slide feet first, while a downward tilt will cause them slide head first. Players will need to decide for themselves exactly how they want to utilize these two directional options, though it should not matter a great deal.

MLB The Show 21: How to Dive

With respect to diving, this special action is performed by pressing R2/RT when running to catch a ball. As many players are sure to expect, the direction of the dive is determined by the direction of the run, and precision with the left analogue stick is key. Indeed, fans that are not careful with their movement may find that their ballplayers in MLB The Show 21 are diving the wrong way and that they would have been better off not pressing the input in the first place.

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MLB The Show 21 How to Slide Dive and Jump

MLB The Show 21: How to Jump

Jumping is essentially the opposite of diving, allowing MLB The Show 21 players to catch balls that are coming in high. To execute it, fans must press R1/RB, and they will continue in the direction that they were moving prior to the jump. Notably, this move can be used to rob home runs, and players that want to pull off that impressive defensive maneuver should keep their eyes on the arrows that appear on the outfield walls.

After mastering these skills, fans may want to put some time towards working on their pitching and hitting in MLB The Show 21. Those aspects of the game are quite a bit more complicated than what has been detailed in this guide, though, and players should not expect to be great at them right out of the gate. Still, fans that exercise some patience and persistent will ultimately improve and win more of their games.

MLB The Show 21 is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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